Using the rosette cut

The rosette cut is a great little technique for cross cutting small rounds of greenwood such as hazel, ash, sycamore, willow etc.  If I’m dealing with seasoned rounds it’s sometimes easier to just snap them, but often the green stems I’ve just listed will bend before they break, so it’s often easier to just cut through them.  And there are plenty of reasons why you might want to cut such a stem to length, from a bow for bow drilling, a simple survival bow, tent pegs or making a pot hanger.

So in this video I demonstrate using the rosette cut to cross cut a piece of green hazel.  Before you have a go, read this post on knife safety.

We teach knife skills, including using the rosette cut, and knife safety on our 2 Day &, 5 Day Bushcraft Courses, the IOL Bushcraft Competency Course and also our 2 Day5 Day Survival Courses.  You can see loads of photos on our Facebook page.

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