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How to make hawthorn tincture | another 5 easily identifiable plants to forage | bushcraft | Kent

How to make hawthorn tincture

It’s mid May and the hawthorn is resplendent in full bloom and the hedgerow is ablaze with their beautiful flowers. Right now both the flowers and leaves are edible and the flowers especially are very tasty. In this video Gary talks about hawthorn in general and how to make hawthorn tincture in particular.  Watch the […]

Herbal hand sanitiser

Nicola has put this recipe together as she wanted to make her own herbal hand sanitiser.  It uses a blend of essential oils with anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.   Always take care when using essential oils and check the safe usage of each one before applying.  If you’re using essential oils for the first time, […]

herbal hand sanitiser | herbal remedies | Kent | south east

wild foods | some hints and tips for foraging | south east | Kent

Some hints and tips for foraging   Recently updated !

Whilst there’s a strong case that the foraging season continues all year round, now is my absolute favourite time to be out and about collecting all of those wonderful spring greens.  There’s plenty of stuff around in mid-March but it’s also the tantalising hint of what is to come! So here’s a short video with […]