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Early spring wild edibles   Recently updated !

For me bushcraft is both an exploration and understanding of the natural world.  I often try to imagine life for our hunter gather ancestors, looking out of their shelters into the forest and understanding that the supermarket, DIY shop, chemist, clothes shop, are all out there. Winter in the temperate forests of northern Europe would […]

Using punk wood as a tinder   Recently updated !

Using punk wood as a tinder is a great way to go about fire lighting.  Punk wood is what’s left of wood after a dry rot has been through it.  It’s one of those that you tend to find as you’re wandering around, often without deliberately trying to find it.  It will ignite with a […]

Using punk wood as a tinder | fungus as tinder | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

bushcraft uses for hornbeam | outer barks as tinder | bushcraft | fire lighting | Kent | south east | London

Bushcraft uses for hornbeam

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is one of my favourite tree species, which is good because we have lots of it in our ancient woodland in Kent! Here’s a short video where I discuss some of the identification points for hornbeam and also some of the bushcraft uses for hornbeam. We take a walk around our woodland […]