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Another folded bark container

After our recent Cordage & Containers course we had some spare sweet chestnut bark and so Nicola decided to make another folded bark container, this one rectangular in shape.  We’ve made cylindrical ones before but this time Nicola wanted to make a recantuglar one after seeing a photo of one by Christian Meinhardt and thinking […]

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Making simple 2-ply natural cordage 1   Recently updated !

I’ve written previously about preparing nettles and sweet chestnut inner bark for making cordage but haven’t shown how to turn the prepared fibres into cordage.  So now seems the time to rectify that.  In the photos below Bob is using nettle fibres, but the process is the same whatever fibres you might have to hand. […]

Trees cleared

Felling trees in the camp

I don’t like felling trees at our ancient woodland camp, after all we provide woodland experiences, but from time to time we need to cut trees down if they appear to be hazardous.  Back in the autumn I turned up to find a large branch through the tarp over our kitchen area.  It was dead […]