Woodland Skills

Using a folding saw

When I’m out and about in the woods I find myself using a folding saw on a regular basis.  It’s a great tool to carry and combined with a knife will allow you to accomplish many common bushcraft tasks. So I thought that I’d put together a short video demonstrating how to use a folding […]

using a folding saw | How to prune a tree so that it can heal afterwards | one handed pot hanger

using birch bark to light a fire | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east | fire steels

Using birch bark to light a fire

Lighting a fire with birch bark is something that I do regularly, generally in combination with a fire steel.  More often than not I’ll peel bark from a live tree, occassionally I’ll cut a strip from a dead one.  In this video I discuss these two approaches in more detail. We teach using birch bark […]