5 Day Bushcraft Course

5 Day Bushcraft Course

What’s it about?

Your experience is focused on 4 key skills of bushcraft and woodland living – fire, shelter, food and water. But as with all of our bushcraft courses, the skills you’ll learn are transferable and are useful to campers, canoeists, hikers, those that enjoy wild camping and  many other outdoor activities.

This 5 day course is our most exhaustive course in terms of both breadth and depth of learning.  However, you don’t need any previous experience to attend as we start from the basics and progress throughout the 5 days.

This is definitely one of our favourite courses as it allows you to immerse yourself fully in the woodland and really become a part of it. The emphasis is on ensuring that you have plenty of opportunity to practice the skills that we show you so that as you progress through the 5 days you become more proficient and independent. It also gives you time to really get to know us and your fellow students.

What will I do?

You’ll be shown a wide range of skills followed by ample opportunity to practice them. You will:

  • Use a knife, folding saw and bow saw to make a wedge, cut a log from standing dead wood, split the log and make feather sticks,
  • Spend plenty of time creating a flame using chemical, solar, compression and electrical means,
  • Work as part of a team to create fire by friction,
  • Make char cloth, create an ember with it and blow the ember into flame,
  • Identify, gather and prepare tinders from outer barks, inner barks, fungi and downy flower heads,
  • Make your own fire from materials sourced locally using a fire steel,
  • Understand various fire lays and their uses,
  • Prune trees so as they can ‘heal’ afterwards,
  • Carve simple implements such as a spatula and honey spreader,
  • Put up a hammock and tarp using 3 simple knots that can be tied and untied wearing gloves (if you’d like to sleep in a hammock, you can),
  • Adapt a tarp to different configurations to meet different conditions and environments,
  • Know when, where and how to build a debris shelter,
  • Identify and locate water supplies,
  • Make your own improvised water filter,
  • Make a pot hanger to boil water and cook over,
  • Make a simple bow from hazel,
  • Use bark to make a container,
  • Sharpen your knife so that it will easily slice through a sheet of paper,
  • Make cordage from nettles, brambles and chestnut bark, depending on the time of year,
  • Forage for wild foods and make wild herb bannock,
  • Learn a variety of back country cooking techniques,
  • Try various woodland teas from plants and herbs you collect,
  • Finish it all off by collecting materials to light a fire without using matches, lighters or a fire steel and boil water over your pot hanger.

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You can see our complete course schedule here.

Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 5 days

Start: 9am Wednesday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: Fully catered

Note: There is a short walk from the meeting point to the camp. We’ll transport your bags in our 4×4.

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
by Stuart Walker on Jack Raven Bushcraft
October 2018

I completed the 5 day bushcraft course. It was exceptional. Intensive learning throughout the daylight hours still felt well paced and enjoyable. Shelter building, wood carving, fire building, fire through friction and much more. Expertise in the team is very high. Thoroughly recommended.

by Ronnie on Jack Raven Bushcraft
5 day Bushcraft course

Great place, great course and I met some great people,
And the people who run this are very knowledgable and are also great, and I learnt so much, I would highly recommended going,even if that’s just for the day, or take your children for the weekend, yes I will be going back.
Thanks Gary and Nicola, and thanks to the others who make my week, you know who you are 👍

by Chris on Jack Raven Bushcraft
5 day bushcraft course July 2018

I have just completed the 5-day bushcraft course in July. Absolutely fantastic instruction by Gary, fantastic cooking by Nicola (and medicinal plants input). A lot of stuff learnt with a whole load of skills to take away, practice and continue. I knew a little bit before, so I didn’t want to do a 1 or 2 day course, but conversely I knew my skill level was far too low to do anything advanced so I decided to do the five day course, this was spot on. I know a huge amount more now and also that skills stem from practice. Amongst many things I have actually managed to carve a spoon that actually has proportions that make it look like one, thank you. I also have to say thanks to the other participants, none of us knew each other before but the “team” work, banter and occasional outbreaks of intelligent conversation made it work like a dream. Highly recommended.

by Jonny on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Enjoyed it so much I’m doing it again next week!

Gary and the team are brilliant!
Loved my first bushcraft experience (March 17) so much I have booked up again and am going again next week (July 18).
The 5 days I spent allowed me to have a better appreciation for nature and the world around me, so much so I moved out into the country more and carry a parachute hammock everywhere I go now just in case there is a chance I can string it up!

by Fergus on Jack Raven Bushcraft

I went for their 5 day bushcraft course last week. It was so fun! Really relaxed, friendly and engaging team. Bob and Gary are great teachers and Nicola is an amazing cook! Such great food every day 😀 The location is beautiful as well! I'll definitely be going back again asap!

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