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Inner barks as tinder

Originally published in Issue 18 of The Bushcraft Journal, this article compliments other posts on this blog around natural tinders. Inner barks In this issue I want to continue with tinders, this time looking at inner barks.  In the last issue I discussed downy flower heads, which are largely seasonal in nature.  This isn’t the […]

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How to make a buck saw

I’ve written about bow saws previously and discussed their benefits and drawbacks, one of which is portability.  One solution to this portability issue is to make your own bow saw as you go, often refered to as a buck saw.  Here’s a method to make your own buck saw.  It involves some knife work so […]

Downy flower heads

This article on downy flower heads was originally published in The Bushcraft Journal issue 17 published in October 2017. Tinders After looking at various methods of ignition I want to turn my attention to tinders.  And just like different ways of lighting a fire, this is another big topic and it’s had me wondering where to start. […]

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Folded bark containers

We make woven containers on our Cordage & Containers day.  This weekend we had some bark left over and decided to make a folded bark container instead.  In many ways folded bark containers are simpler and quicker to make and so I took a few photos as we put one together.  We had already stripped […]