Bushcraft Skills

The May Day Meet 2013 1

We spent the weekend at the Bushcraft Magazine May Day Meet.  Nicola and I had been before as visitors, and always enjoyed ourselves, but this was our first time as traders.  It was also in a new, and fantastic, location.  The main field was flat and well drained and there were two small woodlands available as […]

May Day Meet

We’re off to the Bushcraft Magazine’s May Day Meet this weekend. Nicola and I have been a few times before and it’s always been a good event, but this will be our first time with a trade stand, and it’s also at a new location. If you’re going, drop by and say hello. Details can […]

May Day Meet

Sunshine Child Festival

What a great event the Sunshine Child Festival is.  It was fantastic to see all the kids running around in their wellies enjoying themselves despite the typical inclement weather.  There were some excellent activities for them to take part in, all free.  We did some fire lighting and carving butter knives with them, which they […]