Lighting a fire with charred birch polypore

Last week I posted a video on how to char birch polypores.  In the comments I was asked how to go about lighting a fire with charred birch polypore.

I found them on 2 different fallen birch as I was wandering around the woods.  The process is essentially the same as for making charcloth, you just need to leave the tin on for longer, typically 20 – 30 minutes.

In this video I demonstrate a couple of methods, including fire steels and traditional flint & steel, as well as mentioning parabolic mirrors and magnifying lenses.

We teach lighting a fire with charred birch polypore on our 2 Day & 5 Day Bushcraft Courses, the IOL Bushcraft Competency Course

You can see plenty of photos from all of these courses on our Facebook page.

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