How to make a tippy tap

How to make a tippy tap

As we’re preparing to start running courses again we’ve been putting some thought into hand washing.  A popular method is to use a tippy tap.  If you’re wondering how to make a tippy tap, it’s a straightforward idea – hang a water container on a pole between two tripods, tie a piece of string to […]

Filtering water

Hopefully you’ve already read this post on finding water, if not take a quick look. Here I want to look at filtering, that is removing solids, often refered to as particles or particulates, from water.  That could be tiny pieces of soil, leaf or other organic matter that you can see floating around.  It’s important […]

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Gypsy well the next day

Finding water

With almost 75% of the surface of our planet covered in water, it is essential for life.  Our bodies are composed of an average of 60% water*.  We can go 3 days without water, although many critical body functions start to suffer much sooner than this (including the ability to think clearly), so it’s imperative to find […]