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Preparing nettles to make cordage | Stinging nettle cordage

Preparing nettles to make cordage

Cordage is everywhere in our normal lives to the extent that we take it for granted, but in a wilderness or survival situation it’s invaluable.  Being able to produce high quality cordage from natural materials is a great bushcraft skill to possess. I’ve written about preparing nettles to make cordage previously in this post but […]

Making 2 ply reverse twist cordage from lime bast

Check out this short video of Bob making 2 ply reverse twist cordage from lime bast.  I’ve written a post previoulsy that shows you how to prepare the fibres, here we show you how to turn those fibres into cordage. We make natural cordage on our Cordage & Containers day as well as on our IOL Bushcraft Course and 5 […]

spruce roots for cordage | making 2 ply reverse twist cordage from lime bast

a weekend bushcraft course | bushcraft club 2019 | Ashford | Canterbury | Kent

A weekend bushcraft course

This video was taken on our 2 Day Bushcraft Course in April 2019.  It was a bit of a chilly weekend, as you can see from us all wearing hats and scarves!  But we still packed a bunch of stuff in, including knife safety and cutting techniques, fire lighting, cordage, foraging, tarps & hammocks, knife […]

Bramble Cordage

I’ve written posts previously on making cordage from nettles, lime bark and sweet chestnut.  This time it’s brambles.  Bramble cordage is actually quite easy to do, the preparation is straightforward.  The only caveat is that (in my experience) you can only do this in the late part of spring and the early part of summer […]

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Stinging nettle cordage

Stinging nettle cordage 4

Nettles are awesome plants; no only do they provide us with the materials to make stinging nettle cordage, they’re also edible and have medicinal properties. Cordage is essential when you are spending any amount of time in the outdoors;  learning how to make your own cordage is therefore an important bushcraft skill.  Recently I wrote […]