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What’s it about?

Over the years our 2 day bushcraft course has proven to be our most popular bushcraft course by some way.  We run the course throughout the year and it’s never quite the same from one to the next due the the changing seasons and variable weather conditions.  And of course different people on the course bringing their own experiences and unique personalities!

The course has been carefully designed to provide you with a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge of bushcraft, survival and woodland living and is suitable for anyone to attend, whether you have previous experience or not.

This 2 day bushcraft course is intended for people who would like to understand what bushcraft is all about and to learn simple, repeatable bushcraft and survival skills, including campers, backpackers, hikers and other outdoors people who wish to learn some of the skills required to be  comfortable in the outdoors, so that you have the time to really enjoy what’s around you.

Or it could be that you’re just curious about bushcraft and want to find out a bit more.  If that’s you, then this is the right course.

Lots of the people who attend this course have no previous bushcraft experience, although we also have people with some prior experience along, and we can say with absolute honesty that everyone leaves knowing more than when they arrived!  Many of the skills that you’ll be taught are easily transferable to other outdoor activities.

What will I do on this 2 day bushcraft course?

You won’t learn bushcraft by watching us so this course, along with all of our others, is entirely hands on.  We’ll explain, then demonstrate and then it’s down to you.  And we won’t move on until you’re ready to.

On our 2 day bushcraft course, based at our ancient woodland camp on the Kent Downs, we will introduce you to the foundations of bushcraft – food, fire, water and shelter, although we’ll start off with the safe use of bushcraft tools.  Over the 2 days you will be shown, and get plenty of opportunity to practice:

At the end of our 2 day bushcraft course you will have a good working knowledge of the skills needed to enjoy your time in the woods or enhance your camping or outdoor activities.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 2 days

Start: 6pm Friday

End: 4pm Sunday

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: We’ll provide tea & coffee, breakfast and dinner but you’ll need to bring a packed lunch

Note: There is a short walk from the meeting point to the camp. We’ll transport your bags in our 4×4

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
Average rating:  
 92 reviews
by Michael Garcia on Jack Raven Bushcraft

A great weekend despite strong winds and lots of rain, especially at night. A good balance of activities including fire lighting , use of tarps and hammocks, water finding and, identification and use of trees etc. I'll definitely look for other courses - a great experience and lots of learning.

by Claude on Jack Raven Bushcraft
2 day bushcraft

This was my second time at jack raven and I am already looking to book another course..did the weekend bushcraft course.it was amazing. Had such a good time learned alot . I would recommend this to anyone interested in this type of stuff. If you are reading this you should book quickly before you miss out..

by Richard Green on Jack Raven Bushcraft

My dad and I joined this course not quite knowing what to expect and came away impressed and satisfied.

Nestled amongst a beautiful kentish landscape in a lovely woodland the highly functional and comfortable campsite itself is a great place to be. It is immediately evident how much time and effort has gone into the campsite over the years and the result is excellent. We were well looked after, comfortable and fed delicious nutritious food throughout.

All the instructors are clearly deeply passionate and knowledgable about the craft and genuine, friendly people which translates into an engaging and informative learning experience that would be highly accessible for absolute beginners or more seasoned outdoorsy people looking to hone their bushcraft fundamentals.

The course felt like it was over very quickly because we were consistently engaged and never left bored yet it felt long because we covered so much. Not only did we learn alot but we came away with great memories that we will remember fondly for years to come.

The standard of covid infection measures was above and beyond despite the potentially challenging environment. Many brick and mortar businesses could learn a thing or two from Jack Raven.

It was also nice to see the surrounding woodland is well managed with the core principles and ethos of Bushcraft applied at every level which is not surprising given that everyone at Jack Raven lives and breathes Bushcraft.

We will be back for more courses as there is so much more to learn and Jack Raven have proved that they are the right people for the job.

by Dwane Gardner-Gold on Jack Raven Bushcraft
Nov 2019

If you have any doubts or trepidation about booking the 2 day bushcraft for beginners, please don’t.

I am a South Londoner who has never done anything like this before, and had a fantastic time doing this course... Even in November!

Gary, Pete and Nicola all make for a fantastic weekend, where you’ll learn so much!

They’re extremely knowledgeable, patient and are fantastic instructors. I’m so glad I went on this course and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you again for an amazing time with a great group of people.

by Phoebe on Jack Raven Bushcraft

I had a wonderful experience on the 2-day bushcraft course on the 8/11/19.
The days were full of interesting activities guided by knowledgeable instructors Gary and Peter, I have gained fundamental skills I hope to carry with me and build upon for the rest of my life. The food was fantastic (thank you Nicola) and the experience overall was incredibly comfortable, despite the cold/wet weather thanks to the wonderful design of the JackRaven woodland camp. I will definitely be back for more!
If you love the outdoors and are looking for a special experience into the world of knowledge that bushcraft can offer, surrounded by those who love nature, then look no further.

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