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Methods of seed dispersal

I’ve made this video on methods of seed dispersal because natural history underpins so much of what we do in bushcraft.  Take a look at this video to get an understanding about the many different ways in which plants and trees are able to disperse their seeds, it’s a fascinating topic. We talk about methods […]

Lighting a fire with goosegrass

Goosegrass (Galium aparine), also known as cleavers, sticky weed, sweetheart and a bunch of other names, is a useful plant for us in bushcraft.  You can eat it as well as use it in firelighting.  In this video I use a ferrocerium rod to ignite it and light a fire. Lighting a fire with goosegrass […]

Lighting a fire with goosegrass | woodland herbal teas | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

Preparing cow parsley to make cordage | bushcraft | survival | Kent | south east | London

Preparing cow parsley to make cordage

I’ve said in previous posts that the ability to make cordage is really important in a wilderness environment.  Here’s another plant to add to the list, courtesy of Billy Souter. We cover preparing cow parsley to make cordage on many of our courses, including the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate course, our 5 Day Bushcraft Course, and of […]

Foraging for pignuts

Pignuts (Conopodium majus) are in the carrot family and can be found in woodlands (where I mostly find them) as well as sometimes in hedgerows and grassland. They have a small chestnut like tuber that is edible. Remember that in the UK you must have the landowner’s permission before you uproot any plant. Also think […]

foraging for pignuts | bushcraft | foraging | Kent | south east | London