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More Craftwork from our 5 Day Bushcraft Experience March 2013

David, who attended our 5 day bushcraft experience in March 2013, sent these photos of his craftwork through to me.  They were started on the course and finished at home.  Below are a few tips David sent with the photos: “The bark swelled up and stained brown after soaking for 24 hours (i.e. probably too […]

bushcraft | bark weaving

Chestnut bark weaving – a basket

I posted a few photos a couple of weeks ago showing a placemat that Nicola made from the inner bark of chestnut.  Well, here are a couple of photos of some more chestnut bark weaving – this time a brilliant basket woven from the same chestnut by Alix , who was on our 5 day bushcraft course in March 2013.   It […]

Bark weaving using sweet chestnut inner bark 2

During last week’s 5 day bushcraft course we felled a chestnut and used it for some bark weaving.  The bark is best in the spring when the sap is rising.  Scrape off the outer bark with the back of a folding saw, then score around the chestnut top and bottom and then down its length.  Make […]

bushcraft | bark weaving