How to make a herbal ointment

I often use various herbal ointments that we’ve made ourselves so in this video I show you how to make a herbal ointment using self heal (Prunella vulgaris).  It’s a great little plant and the ointment made from it can be used on cuts and sores as well as aches and pains.  The 2 ointments that I tend to use most often are plantain for bites and stings and yarrow for minor burns, and they’re made in the same way, the only difference being in how you make the infused oil.


You can see photos from our spring foraging courses and herbal remedies courses , where we show you how to make a herbal ointment, as well as infusions, creams, tinctures and decoctions, on our Facebook page as well as photos of people on our courses here.

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