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Staying warm while camping in the winter   Recently updated !

Staying warm while camping in the winter is clearly important.  Even here in Kent temperatures can get relatively low (OK, if you’re in Canada or Sweden reading this, then temperatures of -5°C might seem positively tropical, but it’s still plenty cold enough to cause problems for the unprepared); indeed, the first ever course we ran […]

staying warm while camping | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east

20% off bushcraft courses in our Christmas Sale 2020!!!

We’re delighted to once again be running our awesome Christmas sale.  Grab a unique and unforgettable Christmas gift for a loved one, or even treat yourself!  This great offer lasts for the whole of December 2020 and includes 10 fantastic bushcraft courses running in 2021.   Get a fantastic 20% off bushcraft courses in our […]

Operating in line with PHE COVID-Secure Guidance

Guidance that allow us to operate Bushcraft is not listed by the UK Government as a business that is prohibited from operating (i.e. music festivals, venues, libraries, indoor gyms, soft play areas, water parks etc.). Furthermore, the UK Government has maintained that all businesses not prohibited should continue to operate wherever possible, but in line […]


bushcraft club 2020 | Kent | Ashford | Canterbury

Bushcraft Club 2020

Now in it’s 7th year, we’ll be starting Bushcraft Club on Tuesday 7th July at 6:30pm from our ancient woodland camp in Westwell, Kent, just a few miles from Ashford. After much thought we’ve decided that this year we will run Bushcraft Club for adults only; normally on Family Bushcraft Club we have more people […]

Trialling our new woodland kiln   Recently updated !

Last year we played around with a few designs for a woodland kiln to use on our Woodland Pottery Courses.  We tried different dimensions, different chimneys, different appertures to feed in fuel and probably other things I’ve forgotten now!  Some were definitely better than others and eventually we found a design that worked well and […]

Trialling our new woodland kiln | woodland pottery | Kent