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The Evenk knot

The Evenk knot, also known as the Siberian hitch, is a great knot for putting up a tarp or hammock and has the great advantage of being able to be tied whilst wearing gloves.  I use this knot to give a fixed point on one end of my ridgeline. Step 1 Take the working end […]

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tarp and hammock setup

One handed tarp and hammock

This article on a one handed tarp and hammock setup was originally written for Issue 3 of The Bushcraft Journal; if you don’t yet subscribe, you should give it a go!  You can also see a video of a tarp and hammock going up one handed on this post. In the last issue of The […]

Putting up a tarp and hammock 2

We filmed this video last week at our bushcraft camp. The idea was solely Ho Kyung’s; he’d been looking at hammocks online and in many reviews the hammock wasn’t taut. So he suggested we do our own video and here it is! Thanks to the guys from Bushcraft Club for helping out. Putting up tarps […]

one handed tarp and hammock