Coiled Basket Course

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What’s it about?

Located between Canterbury and Ashford, join us on the beautiful Kent Downs for this introductory 1 day coiled basket course.

Coiled baskets are baskets made from bunches of plant fibres such as straw or hay,  Those fibres are wound in a continuous spiral around themselves. The coils are kept in place using thread, the work being done stitch by stitch and coil by coil.

Coiled basketry was practiced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors all around the world.  They were commonplace in the British Isles, although more so in Scotland; in England they were often referred to as lip work baskets.

We’ve put together this coiled basketry course for anyone who likes to use their hands and would like to learn this fabulous ancestral skill.

What will I do on a coiled basket course?

Led by Jules, you will be introduced to the materials and tools required and then be guided through the process to make your own round, coiled basket.

Throughout the day you will:

  • Learn how to create all the elements of a coiled basket, so the base, the sides, stitching and how to finish it all off with a border.
  • We will discuss care of your basket, making different basket shapes, and alternative materials that can be used as well as hay.

At the end of the day you will come away with the satisfaction of having created a wonderful basket that’s unique and has a wide range of practical uses.

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 1 day

Start: 10am

End: 4pm

Course size: Maximum of 8

Catering: We’ll provide tea & coffee, you’ll need to bring a packed lunch

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