Igniting hornbeam bark

I’ve done a video previously around collecting hornbeam bark to use as a tinder so thought I should demonstrate how to ignite it. Igniting hornbeam bark is something we teach on many of our courses, including our1 Day, 2 Day and 5 Day Bushcraft Courses as well as the IOL Bushcraft Competency Award and Certificate. You can see photos from these […]

hornbeam outer bark as a tinder | Igniting hornbeam bark

fire steels | fire lighting

A bit of fire lighting

Fire lighting is a learnt skill, but once learnt you need to keep practicing.  I frequently tell our students to get out and light a fire as often as possible, in as many different weather conditions as possible, different environments, different times of year, different times of day.  This will all lead to increased competency. […]