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What’s it about?

Fish and small game made up an important part of our hunter gatherer ancestors diet, meaning that hand knitted net making was a crucial skill to master.

A net is an openwork fabric in which threads are fused, looped or knotted at their intersections at regular intervals and have long been used for fishing and trapping animals, as hammocks, or simply as a means of carrying things around.

So we’ve put together this net making course to show you how to make your own net from entirely natural materials so that you can go away and make your own net for a variety of situations.

What will I do on this net making course?

You’ll start the day by looking at natural cordage as you’ll need cordage to make your net!

From there you’ll move on to net making itself and will cover:

  • The various netting tools available and different materials they can be made from,
  • How to begin a net,
  • How to change the size and shape of your net,
  • How to finish off your net,
  • How to join nets together to make a bigger one.

By the end of this net making course you will have the skills and knowledge to make your own nets from scratch, either for fishing or trapping small game, or even to make your very own net bag!

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Other information

Location: Westwell, Kent

Duration: 1 day

Start: 10am

End: 4pm

Course size: Maximum of 4

Catering: We’ll provide tea & coffee, you’ll need to bring a packed lunch

Note: There’s a short walk from the meeting point to the camp.

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Jack Raven Bushcraft
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 by Ralph
Time stood still and conversation flowed

I had tried several times to make a net using text books to guide me and also watched videos on various platforms with no success. The nets were always uneven, with holes of varying sizes and knots that slipped. a tangled mess of string.

So when I noticed Jack Raven offering this course, having attended several other courses. I thought it might be the answer to my net making problems.
As my wife enjoys crochet and working with textiles, we decided to signed up together.

I was not disappointed. Jules, who led the course, is an excellent. tutor Having someone who could look at what we were doing and give instant feedback, correcting small errors as they happened and encouraging us, meant we all soon started to understand how everything worked.

The method Jules uses to make nets, requires only one simple knot. After making a line of knotted mesh squares a net quickly starts to appear which is then easy to enlarge.

Jules allowed us all to craft a first net, then after a short break, we started a second net to consolidate our new skills. This second attempt was much more refined and balanced.

By lunch we all had two small nets completed. In the afternoon we moved on to looking at making our own natural cordage from some of the plant materials around us in camp. We explored several common and widespread plants, how to process them to obtain fibers and the techniques required to produce usable cordage with which to fabricate nets.

The course was exactly what I had been looking for. As I mentioned the basics, making the knot and using the tools are simple and quick to master when someone knowledgeable can guide you.

Jules managed to explain this art in an easy to follow relaxed way. Once you have this understanding, it is just a matter of practice. I found time standing still. The act of turning cord into net gradually becomes more and more relaxed.

As a group we all settled into easy conversation. The simple movements encourage a meditative state.  Peacefully weaving our nets and enjoying the natural world around us.

The day seemed to fly past and was a pleasure to have been a part of.
It was easy to imagine how a group of our ancestors may have come together around a fire to talk and make nets with which to fish to sustain themselves.

Both my wife and myself would recommend this course if you want to make a net either out of curiosity or interest. It would also be great if you are looking for a new mindfulness activity..