foraging for stink horn

Foraging for stink horn

Wandering through the woods recently, the smell of rotting flesh caught my attention.   From previous experience I recognised the smell and set about looking for the culprit. Watch this video of me foraging for stink horn. You might also want to take a look at this post which provides a few hints and tips for […]

What are fairy rings

On a recent 2 Day Fruits & Fungus Foraging course we were asked ‘What are fairy rings?’.  This is a great question and one with a fascinating answer.  It’s all to do with the way that some species of mushrooms grow and reproduce.  In the fields near to our ancient woodland camp, it tends to […]

what are fairy rings

foraging for giant puffballs | wild foods | Kent | mushrooms

Foraging for giant puffballs

Foraging for giant puffballs (Calvatia Gigantea) is a straightforward endeavour, they can be found in meadows and fields during the late summer and are easy to recognise.  Last weekend on our 1 Day Foraging Course Nicola and I found some giant puffballs but they weren’t ready for picking.  So we went back yesterday to see […]

Mushrooms with bacon & herbs

We used a mixture of shop bought and foraged mushrooms when we made this.  If you aren’t completely, absolutely, 100% certain about your fungi identification, don’t use foraged mushrooms! Ingredients  1kg of mixed mushrooms A large knob of butter A large splash of olive oil A red onion, finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped […]

Preparing the mushrooms

magpie ink cap | foraging | mushrooms | Kent

Magpie Ink Cap

I took this photo of magpie ink cap on Wednesday during a walk around our woodland with Geoff Dann.  Geoff had come along to take a look around in preparation for next year’s Wildfoods & Woodland Cooking course in October.  So really just to check out that we would have enough mushrooms to show people and to […]