foraging for stink horn

Foraging for stink horn

Wandering through the woods recently, the smell of rotting flesh caught my attention.   From previous experience I recognised the smell and set about looking for the culprit. Watch this video of me foraging for stink horn. You might also want to take a look at this post which provides a few hints and tips for […]

Foraging for giant puffballs

Foraging for giant puffballs (Calvatia Gigantea) is a straightforward endeavour, they can be found in meadows and fields during the late summer and are easy to recognise.  Last weekend on our 1 Day Foraging Course Nicola and I found some giant puffballs but they weren’t ready for picking.  So we went back yesterday to see […]

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Preparing the mushrooms

Mushrooms with bacon & herbs

We used a mixture of shop bought and foraged mushrooms when we made this.  If you aren’t completely, absolutely, 100% certain about your fungi identification, don’t use foraged mushrooms! Ingredients  1kg of mixed mushrooms A large knob of butter A large splash of olive oil A red onion, finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped […]

Magpie Ink Cap

I took this photo of magpie ink cap on Wednesday during a walk around our woodland with Geoff Dann.  Geoff had come along to take a look around in preparation for next year’s Wildfoods & Woodland Cooking course in October.  So really just to check out that we would have enough mushrooms to show people and to […]

magpie ink cap | foraging | mushrooms | Kent

foraging for fungus

Foraging for mushrooms

Both Nicola and I love running the Wildfoods and Woodland Cooking course; it’s right up there with our favourites.  Anything that involves eating good food is fine by me.  But we’ve restricted ourselves to running theses courses in the spring.  We get asked regularly if we do any foraging for mushrooms and we always have to […]