debris shelter

Wiki-Up Debris Shelter 4

A wiki-up is a type of shelter used by nomadic Native Americans in the southwestern United States.  Essentially it’s a conical frame covered with mating or brush.  I’ve been thinking about building a wiki-up shelter for a while now and back in November finally got around to it.  We were running a 5 Day Bushcraft Course, […]

Wiki-up debris shelter

lean-to debris shelter

Lean-To Debris Shelter 6

I’ve written posts previously about debris shelters, including this one describing how to build a one person kennel and this one showing you how to build a 2 person kennel.  Although we’ve had lean-to debris shelters at our ancient woodland camp for a good few years I haven’t got around to writing about them previously. […]

1 Person Debris Shelter

We built a 1 person debris shelter on our 5 Day Bushcraft Course in November.  We went for the standard ‘A frame’ or ‘Kennel’ shelter. I wrote a post recently about one that we built on our trip to the Isle of Arran in a coniferous woodland, but this one, built in our ancient broadleaf woodland, […]

1 person debris shelter

debris shelter in a coniferous woodland

Debris shelter in a coniferous woodland 4

We’ve built plenty of debris shelters in the past at our ancient woodland camp in Kent, generally using either leaf litter or bracken as thatching, I’ve written about it previously here and here.  Well, on our fantastic trip to the Isle of Arran with Arran Bushcraft & Survival, we had the opportunity to build a debris shelter in […]

2 Person Debris Shelter 2

We teach debris shelters on our 2 Day Bushcraft  and 5 Day Bushcraft courses.  We tend to focus on the structure of the shelter, so making sure that it is robust and won’t collapse, but don’t spend too much time covering them.  We have some skeleton shelters to demonstrate the design principles and also 2 complete shelters, a 1 person kennel […]

2 person debris shelter | bushcraft | Kent

2 person debris shelter | south east | Kent

Debris shelter 2

We took the opportunity to make a 2 person debris shelter during our 5 Day Bushcraft Course.  We already had an open sided kennel shelter in place so it was really easy to modify it and turn it into a 2 person shelter.  We added another sturdy spar, laid hazel stems along the side and […]