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Lead Instructor at Jack Raven Bushcraft, teaching bushcraft, wilderness and survival skills to groups and individuals.

Using a folding saw

When I’m out and about in the woods I find myself using a folding saw on a regular basis.  It’s a great tool to carry and combined with a knife will allow you to accomplish many common bushcraft tasks. So I thought that I’d put together a short video demonstrating how to use a folding […]

using a folding saw | How to prune a tree so that it can heal afterwards | one handed pot hanger

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Foraging for rosehips

It’s that time of year to get out and about foraging for rosehips.  So here’s a short video looking at rosehips, why you need to be careful eating them and a couple of ideas on what to do with them. Here’s the recipe for rosehip syrup and another for rosehip and crab apple jam. Depending […]