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To find out more about Jack Raven Bushcraft courses in Kent, and to book, simply select from the menu above or click below for further details.

  • 1 Day Bushcraft Fundamentals
    We’ve put together this 1 day bushcraft course for people whose time is precious but would like to gain a thorough grounding in the key skills of outdoor bushcraft and survival.  So we’ve created a package that will ensure that you leave us with simple, repeatable skills that’ll give you the confidence to broaden your horizons in the great outdoors…  [Further Details]
  • Weekend Course
    This is our introductory 2 day course, designed to initiate you into the joys of woodland living, although many of the skills that you will be taught are easily transferable to other outdoor activities. This 2 day course is … [Further Details]  Watch this video to see what happens on a Weekend Bushcraft Course.
  • 5 Day Course
    This 5 day course is our most exhaustive in terms of both breadth and depth of learning.  However, you don’t need any previous experience to attend as we start from the basics and progress throughout the 5 days. This is definitely one of our … [Further Details]
  • Weekend Survival Course
    This weekend survival course has been designed for anyone who wants to learn some of the skills that are essential in a survival situation. We’ve put this course together for people who spend time outdoors in the UK and would like to be better prepared in the event of an emergency… [Further Details]
  • 5 Day Survival Course
    Brand new for 2017, this 5 day survival course has been designed for anyone who wants to learn some of the skills that are essential in a survival situation. Covering some of the same ground as the weekend survival course, this experience culminates with you spending 2 days surviving…[Further Details]
  • Tracking & Nature Awareness Day
    This course, spent exploring the woodland to identify the wildlife that’s in it, is designed for anyone with an interest in seeing, hearing and smelling more of what is around them. It’s  a real eye opener and we’re sure that you’ll never visit the countryside and see it in the same way again...[Further Details]
  • Institute for Outdoor Learning Foundational Bushcraft
    These full 3-day training courses have been created by the IOL Bushcraft and Survival Skills Special Interest Group using some of the most experienced trainers of bushcraft in the country. This is provided by individual bushcraft training organisations …  [Further Details]
  • 5 Day Adventure on the Isle of Arran
    For this expedition to the Isle of Arran our base camp is in Stronach Wood, high above the village of Brodick, with views to mainland Scotland in one direction and to Goat Fell in the other.  We’ll be taking in a wide variety of habitats including…[Further Details]
  • Axe Workshop
    The axe is one of the most important and useful tools used in bushcraft and mastering its use is a high priority.  They have been used for thousands of years to fell trees and shape, split and cut wood. This 2 day axe workshop has been …  [Further Details]

Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at foraging for wild foods or learning about natural herbal remedies

  • 1 Day Spring Forage
    Our 1 day spring foraging course is for anyone who would like to gain an insight into the edible delights of the British hedgerow and woodlands. So if you’re curious about the plants that grow around you and wonder which you can eat and which you need to avoid, come and join us…  [Further Details]
  • 1 Day Autumn Forage
    Our 1 day autumn foraging course is for anyone who would like to know more about the edible fruits, nuts and berries of the British hedgerow and woodlands. If you want to know more about the many wonderful berries and fruits that grow around you, and want to know which you can eat and which you need to avoid, this is the course for you… [Further Details]
  • 1 Day Herbal Remedies Course
    The use of plants as medicine predates written history and their use to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialised societies.  In Europe and the US, the use of herbal remedies has become more widespread as the scientific evidence about …  [Further Details]

We also offer a variety of craft courses

  • Cordage & Containers Day
    Based at our ancient woodland camp in Kent, this 1 day course has been put together for anyone who would like to learn 2 of the most important, but often overlooked, skills in bushcraft – how to make cordage and containers from the materials supplied to us by mother nature, such as nettles and various barks…[Further Details]
  • Nordic Crafts Weekend
    We’ve combined two traditional craft skills for this unique weekend – metal working and greenwood working. You will be shown, and given the opportunity, to make a Viking style knife and carve a Swedish spoon from greenwood …  [Further Details]
  • 1 Day Spoon Carving Course
    We’ll start the day by looking at a variety of carving techniques using an axe and knife. Safety and being able to work with minimum of effort will be the main focus of the session. You will also learn to identify which strokes are best suited for different kinds of cuts…  [Further Details]
  • 1 Day Leatherworking Course
    Based at our ancient woodland camp in Kent, we’ve put this leather working day together for anyone with an interest in craft, the outdoors, or who simply wants to explore another avenue of bushcraft.  So if you’re looking for an unforgettable day, join our experienced craftsman, Paul Bradley, in a leather working day that focuses on leather work tools, design and construction…  [Further Details]

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Courses, Qualifications and Wilderness Survival Training

We’ve put together a range of bushcraft courses in Kent to meet the needs of the beginner through to the more experienced.  You can dip your toe in the water with our introductory 2 Day Bushcraft Course, or go for a more immersive experience on our 5 Day Bushcraft Course.  If a qualification is important to you, try the IOL Foundational Bushcraft Certificate.

We run weekend and single day family bushcraft experiences to give you and your children a never to be forgotten experience. It’s great for family bonding and teaching your little ones great tricks to survive in the wild.

We also provide a wide range of courses covering topics such as foraging, nature awareness and many more.

Where do your courses take place?

Our courses take place in Westwell, Kent, just 50 miles from the centre of London, in spectacular ancient woodland. We are located in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have access to around 60 or so acres of broadleaf woodland. Our camp is in a private woodland, which itself is in the middle of private land. It’s the perfect environment for you to learn survival techniques and skills.

What previous experience do I need?

All of our courses are designed so that you don’t need any previous wilderness survival experience, and are entirely hands on so that you leave us with having the real experience of practical and repeatable skills. If you fancy a challenge you can try our five day survival course where during the first three days we will teach you all you need to know about surviving in the wild. Then on the last two days, it’s up to you to put your survival skills into practice.

What facilities are available on your bushcraft courses in Kent?

So that you can effectively learn the skills that we teach, we have created a learning environment in the woods.  Our courses are based at an expedition style camp with a yurt and wood burning stove, a parachute, a kitchen area, work benches and a composting toilet. We have areas where you can pitch a hammock, tarp or small tent, cleared of standing and hanging dead wood, or you can camp on the adjacent working farm campsite.

Call us to enquire about our wilderness survival courses – 07553 763397