Using punk wood as a tinder   Recently updated !

Using punk wood as a tinder is a great way to go about fire lighting.  Punk wood is what’s left of wood after a dry rot has been through it.  It’s one of those that you tend to find as you’re wandering around, often without deliberately trying to find it.  It will ignite with a […]

Using punk wood as a tinder | fungus as tinder | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

Using bluebells for fire lighting

If you’ve been to our ancient woodland camp in springtime, you will have seen the absolute abundance we have of native bluebells.  Often, however, people don’t realise that they’re a great resource for fire lighting. So in this short video I show you how to use bluebells in a tinder bundle to light a fire. […]

using bluebells for fire lighting | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east