How to prepare mackerel

Our hunter gatherer ancestors in the British Isles consumed plenty of fish, taking advantage of streams, rivers, coastal areas and lakes.  In fact some studies have concluded that up to 60% of a hunter gatherer’s diet was made up of fish. So in this short video I show how to gut and fillet a mackerel, a […]

How to prepare mackerel | bushcraft | Kent | London | south east

foraging for pignuts | bushcraft | foraging | Kent | south east | London

Foraging for pignuts

Pignuts (Conopodium majus) are in the carrot family and can be found in woodlands (where I mostly find them) as well as sometimes in hedgerows and grassland. They have a small chestnut like tuber that is edible. Remember that in the UK you must have the landowner’s permission before you uproot any plant. Also think […]

winter foraging | another 5 easily identifiable plants to forage | bushcraft | Kent

Winter foraging

Winter foraging is easily overlooked.  Whilst there aren’t as many species around, or indeed those species aren’t generally found in the same quantities, there are still plants around that we can forage. This video shows 8 plant species that I found within around 30 minutes in mid January.  I easily found enough plants to make […]