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Making a pot hanger with one hand

This is the third article I wrote for The Bushcraft Journal about doing simple bushcraft tasks with my non-dominant hand and came out in August 2015.  If you haven’t subscribed to The Bushcraft Journal yet, why not! One handed pot hanger In my previous articles I’ve managed to light a fire and put up my […]

Hogweed, ground elder & jelly ear spring rolls 1   Recently updated !

On our Nordic Crafts course at the weekend, Nicola decided to try out a new recipe, Hogweed, ground elder & jelly ear spring rolls and they were wonderful.  Give them a try! Ingredients for the spring rolls A handful of hogweed shoots A handful of ground elder shoots A handful of jelly ear fungus cut […]

Hogweed, ground elder & jelly ear spring rolls

Cream of cow parsley soup

Cow Parsley Soup 2   Recently updated !

Here we are in mid-February and the cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) is growing profusely in the hedgerows of Kent.  Also known as ‘wild chervil’ it makes a great soup when young. A word of warning however, at this time of year cow parsley could be mistaken for hemlock (Conium maculatum), which is highly poisonous.  All parts of hemlock […]