Foraging for Dryad's Saddle | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

Foraging for Dryad’s Saddle

A short video of me out foraging for Dryad’s Saddle (Polyporus squamosus).  It’s an edible polypore that can be found during the summer months, generally growing out of deciduous trees, especially sycamore. You might also want to take a look at this post which provides a few hints and tips for foraging. Depending on the time […]

Fungus as a tinder

In this video I talk about using fungus as a tinder and include King Alfred’s cakes, birch polypore, hoof fungus and chaga. When ignited they create an ember and not a flame, so you might want to take a refresher at my post on tinder bundles. Here’s the video, leave any thoughts you might have […]

fungus as a tinder | fungus as tinder | bushcraft | Kent | south east | London

what are fairy rings

What are fairy rings

On a recent 2 Day Fruits & Fungus Foraging course we were asked ‘What are fairy rings?’.  This is a great question and one with a fascinating answer.  It’s all to do with the way that some species of mushrooms grow and reproduce.  In the fields near to our ancient woodland camp, it tends to […]

How to light a King Alfred’s Cake

I wrote a post a few years ago about various fungi that can be used as a tinder, including King Alfred’s Cakes (Daldinia concentrica).  They get their name from the legend of King Alfred who, whilst in hiding from the Danes, let some cakes burn, and they do indeed have that appearance. Here in Kent […]

How to light a King Alfred's Cake | the whispering woods