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bushcraft qualifications | IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate |

Bushcraft qualifications have seen a surge in take-up over the last few years, largely driven by the increasing popularity of bushcraft.  Bushcraft is now taught in a wide variety of settings, from outdoor activity centres, campsites, schools and colleges through to youth groups such a Scouts, Cadets and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

And it makes sense that these organisations, and the people who make use of them, or indeed send their children to them, want to see that the people delivering the training are competent to do so.  Bushcraft qualifcations and awards are a simple way to recognise that competence.

Based on the North Downs in Kent, Jack Raven Bushcraft has been delivering bushcraft qualifications accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning since 2013 and Gary has been an IOL assessor since 2019.  He led the development of both the Bushcraft Skills Award and the Bushcraft Competency Diploma.  So you know that you’re in safe hands!

Institute for Outdoor Learning Bushcraft Qualifications

The IOL offers three qualifications in bushcraft designed for adults, all of which are Level 3.

  • Bushcraft Competency Award
    The Bushcraft Competency Award has been developed for people working in outdoor centres or schools and delivering short bushcraft skills sessions. The training course itself is two days and to gain the Award, students must attend a seperate assessment after a suitable period of consolidation (60 hours). [Further Details]
  • Bushcraft Competency Certificate
    The Bushcraft Competency Certifcate has existed in it’s current format since 2015.  It’s suitable for teachers or instructors to deliver progressive bushcraft learning experiences.  The training course is 3 days and students must log 120 quality hours of practice before attending a seperate assessment. [Further Details]
  • Bushcraft Competency Diploma
    The Bushcraft Competency Diploma is suitable for instructors, teachers or leaders operating autonomously with responsibility for planning and delivering bushcraft sessions and courses in a wide variety of settings.  Students must hold the Bushcraft Competency Certifcate to gain the Diploma. The training course is 5 days and students must log an additional 120 quality hours before attending a seperate 2 day assessment.  [Further Details]

If you’re not sure which is right for you, then get in touch and we’ll do our best to guide you through the various IOL bushcraft qualifications available and work out which is best for you.

bushcraft qualifications | IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate |