Hammock modifications

We first met Peter last summer on our 5 Day Bushcraft Course and he’s been back a few times now, on other courses as well as helping out with some coppicing over the winter.  The last time he came to our woodland camp he brought a hammock with him.  Peter works in a school and is friends with the textiles teacher who made a couple of hammock modifications for him.

The first was to cut about 30cm off the length of the hammock.  Whilst I’ve always found a 3m tarp ample to keep the rain off, Peter said he didn’t need his hammock so long, so it makes sense to have it tailored.

The second of the two hammock modifications is to his sleeping bag rather than hammock; the same friend made a hole in either end of a sleeping bag so that the hammock can go though.  Insulating yourself underneath is as important in a hammock as it is on the ground; when you lay on the underside of a sleeping bag, it gets compressed and can lose its insulating qualities.  By putting the hammock through the sleeping bag, you remove that compression and retain the insulation.

Hammock modifications

Hammock modifications

The newly made holes can be tightened up with a drawstring and toggle to stop heat escaping.  A really neat idea.

Take a look at this video that shows you how to put up a hammock and tarp.

Putting up tarps and hammocks (and discussing hammock modifications)  is something we do on both our 2 Day Bushcraft Course and 5 Day Bushcraft Course.  It really is a fantastic way to camp out in the woods, really helps with ‘leave no trace’, is quick to put up and comfortable to boot.   You can see photos from those courses, as well as all of our others, on our Facebook page.

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