Felling trees in the camp

I don’t like felling trees at our ancient woodland camp, after all we provide woodland experiences, but from time to time we need to cut trees down if they appear to be hazardous.  Back in the autumn I turned up to find a large branch through the tarp over our kitchen area.  It was dead wood that had blown out of an ash stool just behind the kitchen.  I’d had my eye on the trees for a little while as some of the stems were leaning over the kitchen area, and I decided that they would need to come down.

Unfortunately some of the stems were leaning directly over the kitchen and would need to be winched over.  Fortunately I know a man with a winch, one attached to the front of his car!  So I asked Ross if he would come and fell the trees.  We took a circuitous route to get his car to the camp and only had to cut a single hazel stool back (which I missed when we were coppicing over the winter) to get there.

Felling trees

After setting the winch up, Ross started work.

Felling trees with the aid of a winch

All the stems came down in the exact spot planned, the logs are cut and the brash has gone into dead hedges.

felling trees

A good days work, thanks Ross.

Trees cleared

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