Using power strokes with a knife

Often when I’m out in the woods practicing my bushcraft I find that using power strokes with a knife is going to be the best way forward.  The issue lies with the lack of control you often have when using a power stroke.  This is because there’s a direct relationship between power and control, the more you have of one the less you have of the other; and because we want to have control over the knife we need to excercise power carefully.

So in this video I demonstrate a couple of different ways to get the power on in a safe way.  You might also want to take a look at this post on knife safety.

We teach using power strokes with a knife, along with many other techniques and knife safety on our 2 Day & 5 Day Bushcraft Courses, the IOL Bushcraft Competency Course and also our 2 Day & 5 Day Survival Courses.  You can see loads of photos on our Facebook page.

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