How to use a traditional flint and steel

Whilst I’ve previously written about how to use a traditional flint and steel in this post, I thought I’d do a short video demonstrating how to use this great fire lighting technique. 

Typically I tend to hold the piece of flint in my left hand and the steel in my right and then bring the steel to the flint.  This makes the sparks go upwards. 

But you can also do it the other way around and get sparks that go downwards.  Whichever way you go about it, you will create an ember that then needs to go into a tinder bundle.  Watch this video to find out more about tinder bundles.

We teach how to use a traditional flint and steel, as well as a host of other methods of ignition, on our 1 Day Bushcraft Course as well as on our 2 Day & 5 Day Bushcraft Courses, the IOL Bushcraft Competency Course and also our 2 Day & 5 Day Survival Courses.  You can see plenty of photos from all of these courses on our Facebook page.

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