The layering system for bushcraft

The weather has suddenly become much more wintery with some fairly heavy snow falls.  And with it we’ve seen a considerable temperature drop.  So I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the layering system for bushcraft.  It’s a simple concept and one that we do without thinking about, but sometimes a little reminder can be a good thing.

I’ve written about bushcraft clothing in the past and it ties in with this video, so take a quick look.  There’s also a post with some general hints and tips for staying warm when camping overnight in the winter and this also ties in as we can use the layering system for our sleeping setup.

The layering system for bushcraft is something that we’ll often talk about on our 2 Day & 5 Day Bushcraft Courses, and also our 2 Day & 5 Day Survival Courses.  You can see plenty of photos from all of these courses on our Facebook page.

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