How to tie a midshipman’s hitch

I’ve previoulsy made videos showing you how to tie an Evenk knot and a taut line hitch.  This time it’s the midshipman’s hitch.  This is a really useful hitch, one that I use all the time; in the video it’s to tighten one of the lines on the parachute but it’s also the one that I use to tighten the guy lines on my tarp.

So watch this video to see how to tie a midshipman’s hitch.

Learning how to tie a midshipman’s hitch to put up tarps and hammocks is something we do on both our 2 Day Bushcraft Course and 5 Day Bushcraft Course.  It really is a fantastic way to camp out in the woods, really helps with ‘leave no trace’, is quick to put up and comfortable to boot.   You can see photos from those courses, as well as all of our others, on our Facebook page.

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