The bluebells are early

Whilst every year is different, this year it certainly feels as if spring is early.  We’ve had bluebells out now for a couple of weeks and I normally associate them with May Day.  Whilst the storms and accompanying floods were devastating for many people, winter was generally a mild affair and I wonder if this has had an impact?  We always get a good display from the bluebells, probably better than any other woodland I’ve been to and this year they haven’t disappointed!

This first photo was taken at the end of March, and we already had bluebells in flower then, admittedly only a few, but enough to give an idea of what was to come.  There were also a few early purple orchids flowering and hawthorn coming into leaf.

Bluebells in spring

This next photo was taken in the first week of April and you can see that the annual extravaganza was well under way.  We also had hornbeam in leaf, as well as hazel.

Bluebells in spring

This photo was taken in the second week of April and the bluebells were in full swing.

Bluebells in spring

This last photo was taken yesterday (17th April) during one of our Children’s Parties.

Bluebells in spring

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