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Nicola, Willow and I went for a walk around King’s Wood today.  The weather was great and the wood was almost entirely free of other people.  We spent a good 4 hours wandering around and saw a lots of sign.  We also got a really good view of a green woodpecker tapping away.  Spotted loads of deer sign, some of which we followed, but didn’t get to see any, probably a combination of the time of day and having Willow with us.  Anyway, I took these photos of a deer track and scat.

Deer sign – scat and print

deer sign | Kent | bushcraft
deer sign | Kent | bushcraft

If you’re going to do any deer stalking, you need to be aware of ticks.  start by looking at this post.

You can see plenty of photos from our Tracking & Nature Awareness course on our Facebook page

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