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A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that a friend of her’s, who is a nurse, had advised that the best way to remove a tick was to cover it with alcohol gel.  I haven’t tried this but it seems to be the same as covering with vaseline, which causes the tick to vomit inside its host.  So I think I’ll stick with a tick lasoo, or turning anti-clockwise whilst gently pulling.  Make sure you dispose of the little bleeder after removing so it doesn’t just attach to someone else.


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    Old Tom Twisters or a Tick Lasso are the only safe ways, anything else (other than careful removal with tweezers turning rather than pulling) is more likely to cause the tick to re-gorge in to your blood stream or alternatively rip the head off! But the best cure is proper prevention, wear trousers when in ticky ground with either ties at the bottom of them or gaiters.