Green huntsman spider

Our Tracking & Nature Awareness course at the weekend was great fun.  On the Sunday we went to King’s Wood.  It’s between Canterbury and Ashford and is about 1,500 acres.  There is a wide variety of habitats within the wood, from sweet chestnut coppice, conifer plantation, beech wood to mixed broadleaf.  As you would expect, it is also home to a wealth of wildlife, which is why we visit with our students.

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up with the large animals, but I get just as excited by some of the smaller animals.  So it was a real treat to see a green huntsman spider this time.  It was spotted by Warren as he was walking along; this is no mean feat as they are pretty small.; it was the movement that caught Warren’s attention, which was great as it was something we’d worked on the previous day.

Green huntsman spider at King’s Wood

green huntsman spider | King's Wood | Kent
We took some photos of deer sign in King’s Wood last week which you can see here.

You can view plenty of photos from this and all of our other courses on our Facebook page.

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