Debris shelter 2

We took the opportunity to make a 2 person debris shelter during our 5 Day Bushcraft Course.  We already had an open sided kennel shelter in place so it was really easy to modify it and turn it into a 2 person shelter.  We added another sturdy spar, laid hazel stems along the side and part of the roof and then covered the lot in a deep layer of leaf litter.

A couple of the guys spent the night in it and the next day said that it was incredibly warm in there.

debris shelter building | south east | Kent
2 person debris shelter | south east | Kent

If you look carefully in the photo above, you’ll see a bracken covered 1 person kennel shelter in the background.

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Of course once your debris shelter is built you will want to reward yourself with some food. Have you read our blog post on cooking tasty ramson and feta fritters?

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