Wild Foods & Woodland Cooking May 2013

What a great weekend, we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better group of people to forage and cook some wild foods with.  And the food was unbelieveable, I truly believe it wouldn’t be out of place in a fine dining restaurant.

This weekend the menu had a Mediterranean theme and we cooked up loads of great dishes such as mackerel fillets with a sheep sorrel sauce, elder flower panna cota, ramson dolmades and many, many more.  My personal favourite was the venison Stefano, based on the classic Greek dish of stiffado and named after one of our regular customers.

Nicola and I both really enjoy these courses.  After a morning of foraging it’s great fun to have the pit oven, the bin oven and several cooking fires all on the go with everyone preparing their own dish for the banquet.  Pleasantly chaotic and immensely enjoyable!

Look on our ‘Wild Foods & Woodland Cooking’ page to find out more about these courses.

Some photos from our wild foods weekend

wild foods | foraging | south east | Kent wild foods | foraging | south east | Kent wild foods | foraging | south east | Kent

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