A spring tart

Here’s a recipe for a spring tart that Nicola made us for tonight’s dinner.  It took no time at all to collect the plants to go in the tart.  Nettles are easy to identify, but watch out for Lord’s & Ladies’ amongst the ramsons; and make sure you certain about the hogweed and ground elder.  It was easy to make and tasted delicious!


  • 3 sheets of filo pastry
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 200ml of double cream
  • A sprinkle of nutmeg
  • 50g of feta cheese crumbled up
  • 1 red onion
  • A good handful of ramsons
  • A few hogweed shoots
  • A handful of nettle tips
  • A few ground ivy leaves

How to make the spring tart

  • Lightly oil a flan tin and line with the filo pastry; cut off any excess
  • Simmer the hogweed for a couple of minutes
  • Blanch the nettles
  • Chop the ramsons and ground ivy
  • Sautee the red onion until soft
  • Add the hogweed, nettles, ramsons and ground ivy to the pan for a couple of minutes
  • Add it all to the lined flan tin
  • Add the eggs, cream and feta cheese
  • Sprinkle with some nutmeg
  • Place in a pre-heated oven at about 180 C for 25 minutes

Spring tart | wild foods | foraging | Kent

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