Some hints and tips for foraging

Whilst there’s a strong case that the foraging season continues all year round, now is my absolute favourite time to be out and about collecting all of those wonderful spring greens.  There’s plenty of stuff around in mid-March but it’s also the tantalising hint of what is to come!

So here’s a short video with some hints and tips for foraging including the law and foraging, what to pick, where to pick it and what to use.

Remember that if you aren’t 100% sure what something, is don’t pick it let alone eat it.  You need to have the same level of confidence identifying a plant as you would have identifying a tin of beans on a supermarket shelf.

You can see plenty of photos from our 1 day foraging courses (where we give some hints and tips for foraging), as well as all of our others, on our Facebook page.

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