How to find jelly ear fungus

Nicola and I were in the woods yesterday taking a wander around when we found some jelly ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae) so we shot this short video in which we show how to find jelly ear fungus, the species that it grows on and how to cook with it.

We tend to eat it regularly, often in a stir fry such as in this recipe as well as in one of my favourites, where we cook them in spring rolls with hogweed shoots.  We’ve also done spring rolls with jelly ear and pigeon breast, which is divine.

We store them dehydrated in jars; we either pick them when they’re dehydrated or else we take them home and lay them on newspaper until they dehydrate.  Then it’s simply a matter of dropping them into some water for 10 minutes before cooking with them.

This is one that is often on the menu on our 1 day foraging course, although it’s not unusual for Nicola to add some to dishes she cooking up for us all on our other courses too! . You can see plenty of photos from all of our bushcraft, craft and foraging courses on our Facebook page.

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