Bronze Certificate from Craft Courses

We’ve just started to advertise our ‘Blacksmithing, Bodging & Bushcraft’ course on Craft Courses, a great website for finding, well, craft courses!  Anyway, we’ve already started to get some reviews and have been awarded a Bronze Certificate!

We were pretty confident after running the course for the first time last week that we were on to a winner, but the reviews that have come in since then have really brought it home.  So, 2 more courses scheduled in for next year and if there is demand we will add some more!

craft courses | bronze | certificate
Follow this link to view the course on the Craft Courses website.  A few more positive reviews and we’ll move from the bronze certificate to silver!

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Lead Instructor at Jack Raven Bushcraft, teaching bushcraft, wilderness and survival skills to groups and individuals.

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