Carving Weekend April 2013 1

We had a great weekend of carving and our students made some great things.  It was a little odd in terms of weather though – it started by snowing, then was windy and then brilliant sunshine to finish off!  I guess that is what you come to expect of English weather in April, never quite sure what it’s going to do.

I particularly enjoyed this course as my dad came along, visiting from Plymouth.  Fortunately my Ullfrotte merino wool mid-layer fitted him, so the early cold weather didn’t get in the way.

Below are some photos we took during the course and you can see many more on our Facebook page.

Knife & Axe Carving

Knife & Axe Carving

Knbife & Axe Carving

Knife & Axe Carving

Knife & Axe Carving

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You can see plenty of photos from all of these courses on our Facebook page.


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