Bronze axe head 1

Last week we ran our Axe Workshop.  Ho Kyung came along and brought a reproduction bronze axe head.  Ho Kyung’s girlfriend, Julie, is an archaeologist and lent him the axe head on the strict understanding he look after it.  He promptly forgot it and left it at our woodland camp.  I have it in safe keeping and will pass it back to Julie when I next see her.

In Britain the bronze age lasted for a little over 1,5oo years, roughly from 2500 BCE until about 800BCE.  Of course these boundaries are blurred; people would have used stone tools after 2500BCE and bronze tools into the iron age.  The axe head is a fairly typical socketed one.  The handle would be ‘L’ shaped and fit in the right hand side of the axe head and be fastened using the loop at the bottom.

Bronze axe head

bronze axe head

You can see plenty of photos from our axe workshop on our Facebook page.

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