A walk along the Greensand Ridge

A slightly different video this time in that it’s not based in the woods.  Yesterday Nicola and I went for a walk along the Greensand Ridge with Willow and Ronnie; if you don’t know who Ronnie is, he’s my daughter’s puggle, a pug/beagle cross.  He’s a lovely dog but not very good at coming back so he had to stay on the lead.

We started our walk at Egerton before heading to Little Chart, where we had lunch in the ruins of St Mary’s Church, then to Pluckley and back to Egerton.  We saw lots of interesting plants along the way which we’ve included in the video.  So even though it’s mid December there’s still a surprising amount of edible plants around to be foraged.

We teach edible plants and forgaing on our 1 Day Foraging Course and 2 Day Fruits & Fungus Course.  You can see plenty of photos from these courses on our Facebook page.

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