Woodland Management Plan

We had a visit from our good friend Derek Wright yesterday.  Some of you may know him as the proprietor of The Jerky Shack; if you haven’t tried his jerky, then you really should, it tastes great and is ideal bushcraft food (we’re hoping to run some courses on making jerky with Del).  But I digress, Del also knows his way around woodland management and is going to write a management plan for us.  We had a good idea of what we needed to do and how we would factor it into our bushcraft activities, but Del is giving us an experts view.

We had a good look around the woodland and Del’s initial reaction was that it is healthy but the stands of self seeded ash need thinning and the over-stood hazel and sweet chestnut need a coppicing regime implemented.  Some of the hazel and chestnut look like they haven’t been coppiced for over 20 years.  So we’re looking forward to getting the plan and starting work.  Cheers Del!

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