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We don’t have many conifers at all in our ancient woodland in Kent.  But in September we visited the beautiful Isle of Arran, which has a significant amount of coniferous trees, including many species of pine and spruce, hemlock and larch.  It provides a fabulous opportunity to practice our bushcraft skills in a different environment.  One of those skills was to make some pine resin glue.

First up you need to collect your resin.

pine resin glue

Next place it on a hot rock next to a fire so that it melts.

pine resin glue

Grind some ash into a fine powder and mix into the melted resin.

pine resin glue

pine resin glue

Then leave it to cool down.  To use, simply reheat until it is pliable.  Here you can see a limpet shell glued into a piece of birch to make a bearing block for fire by friction.

pine resin glue

 If you have any resin left over, you can use it for a candle.

pine resin candle

You can see loads of photos form our amazing trip to the Isle of Arran on our Facebook page.

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