Number of toes

The table below shows the number of toes for common mammal species in the British Isles.  The list includes plantigrades and digitigrades but not ungulates.  Take a look at this post for more detail on different methods of locomotion in mammals.

Species Fore foot Hind foot
Badgers 5 5
Hedgehogs 5 5
Mice 4 5
Rats 4 5
Squirrels 4 5
Weasels 5 5
Stoats 5 5
Voles 4 5
Shrews 5 5
Martens 5 5
Otters 5 5
Foxes 5 4
Cats 5 4
Dogs 5 4
Rabbits 5 4
Hares 5 4

We talk about the number of toes that different mammals have on our Tracking & Nature Awareness course as well as on the IOL Bushcraft Competency Diploma.

You can see photos from these courses, as well as all of our others, on our Facebook page.

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