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We spent the weekend at the Bushcraft Magazine’s May Day Meet 2013.  Nicola and I had been before as visitors, and always enjoyed ourselves, but this was our first time as traders.

It was also in a new, and fantastic, location.  The main field was flat and well drained and there were two small woodlands available as well, one for activities and the other for hammocks.  We arrived to set up Friday afternoon and there were already plenty of people there.  The sun was shining as we put up our stand and tent and you could just tell it was going to be a good weekend.

Ross and Sarah, of Kaos Blacksmiths,  were set up just across from us in their new show tent.

Bushcraft Skills | May Day Meet 2013

Not long after we’d set up the wind picked up so we changed the 3m x 4.5m tarp for a 2.5m x 2.5m one and that did the trick.  We spent the evening with Ross and Sarah, and their friend Sue and dog Barney, and drank some excellent locally produced cider.

Anthony arrived Saturday morning and set up his tarp before joining us for the weekend.  It rained a little, but not enough to dampen anyones spirits.

Bushcraft Skills | May Day Meet 2013

We saw a good few people that we had met at the May Day Meet, and other events, previously, so it was good to have a catch up, but a special mention to Shark Mark, the Pirates, Roger Harrington, Fire Grill Kev and the Yorkshire boys; we bought a new grill which we’ll be using soon up the camp.

And we also met some great people for the first time, including Will Lord.  Will was dressed in full neolithic garb, including face paints, and really looked the part.  And a very down to earth guy he is as well.  Unfortunately Willow was frightened of him and no matter what Will did she wouldn’t go close; he even laid on the ground, but to no avail.  Will spent an hour with us around Ross’s fire Saturday evening and proved to be great company.
Bushcraft Skills | May Day Meet 2013

The weekend was filled with activities, almost too many to name, but some that stick out are the Pirates with their archery, the deer butchering, the tug of war, fire lighting, rabbit hide tanning, spoon carving, Sunday night’s music, Ross’s blacksmithing work and so on.  A fantastic effort from all those who gladly give their time to pass on knowledge to others.

Willow was generally spoilt with attention and also had some pigeon for lunch on Monday courtesy of the Wild Food Catering Company, who it turns out are based just down the road from us.

One thing that intrigued me – there seemed to be a lot of kilts around!  Not sure if it’s for me though, my legs are like sparrow legs.

If you haven’t been to the May Day Meet before, keep an eye out for next year; this really is an excellent bushcraft event, filled with like minded people looking to have a good time and is well worth the entrance cost.

And finally, a big thanks to Steve and Mafro who worked tirelessly throughout the May Day Meet 2013 and took great effort to talk to people and ensure that they were having a good time.  Verging on a superhuman effort – well done guys, I hope you took a well deserved rest!

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